TTC History

July 2011– Married at last!! On the Pill.

December 2011– Decided to toss the Pill. I wanted to feel like myself again- and we felt ready for the “next step”.

January 2012– Normal 27 day cycle.. so excited to have a normal length!

February 2012– Our hopes are up… but the tests are negative. The start of my irregular cycles at 40+ days.

September 2012– OB/GYN appointment after 80 days without a cycle. Diagnosed with PCOS. All blood work came back normal. Prescribed Provera.

October 2012– Finally start a new cycle after 115 days! Then again in 22 days..

November 2012– Seemingly normal cycle at 30 days, maybe my body reset after Provera? Praying so!!

January 2013– Too good to be true, it’s been over 2 months now with nothing… Time to add herbal supplements and track my temperatures!

February 2013– OB/GYN appointment, again. AF decided to show the day before, after 82 days. Blood work still normal. NOT Insulin Resistant, Doctor prescribed Metformin anyway.

March 2013– After 40 days on Metformin, forced to quit. Started losing weight, being lightheaded, and having memory issues. Turns out it did more harm than good… another delayed cycle.

May 2013– Vitex added to the mix!

August 2013– OB/GYN appt. She offered clomid, but with no monitoring. We scheduled an RE appt later that week.

September 2013– First consult with the Reproductive Endocrinologist! Time to get some more answers. Ultrasound, initial blood work and prescribed Provera to schedule more testing.

October 2013– Hubby’s SA, more bloodwork, HSG. Follow-up consult revealed hubby’s SA was great! Confirmed PCOS for me and diagnosed with hypothyroidism- placed on Synthroid. Set to start clomid first week in November.

Surprise BFP on 10/31. Unfortunately beta blood test revealed low HCG, resulting in miscarriage 11/6 at 4w3d.

December 2013– Positive OPK on cd31, thought it was a fluke so I still went in for bloodwork to get provera. Cd35 bloodwork revealed low progesterone. Also thyroid levels are normal! Started Provera for 10 days to induce a new cycle. After 5 days off Provera I took a pregnancy test because I had the same symptoms from our first pregnancy… Received a shock when there was a very very faint second line. Retest in the morning showed the same faint result, but I started spotting. 12/25- New cycle begins. Started OPK’s again- praying for our miracle!

January 2014 – Cycle only lasted 23 days. Baseline u/s on 1/19. Started Clomid 50mg cd3-7, and dexamethasone 0.5mg cd3-11.
U/S on cd12 showed two main follicles- 22mm & 15mm. Triggered with 10,000IU Pregnyl.

February 2014BFP on 2/9 (11dpo/12dpt). Beta #1- 64, Beta #2- 131, Beta #3- 339.

First U/S on 2/24 at 5wks4d- gestational sac & yolk sac measuring on target. Next U/S on 3/10.


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