Trigger Happy

I know this will be pretty short and sweet, but I wanted to give an update. 🙂

This morning was my cd12 ultrasound! I received my trigger shot in the mail over the weekend and ever since I opened it I found myself getting more and more anxious about today. Both excitement and nerves kept me up all night, so I was more than ready to find out how my body responded to clomid.

Clearly, as stated in the title- I got my trigger shot today! The doctor did the ultrasound fairly quickly, which I can’t really complain about. But, being this was my first time I was asking a lot of questions and he was kind enough to answer them.

Here is what we got:

Lining= 9mm
Right ovary = 22mm, 15mm

Righty.. Overachiever 😉

He did say there were a few 14’s that might get big enough, but overall he said he was very happy to see the 22mm, & so was I!!

You go through all of the side effects of these meds, the emotional ups and downs- all the while hoping and praying that it is working, but not knowing… it’s really just another rollercoaster on this journey. Through it all, I really had no idea how my body respond, but I am feeling very blessed!


We are one step closer…

Valentine’s Day… I’m coming for you!!