Our Little Love Bug

Sorry for disappearing for a bit! Let’s just say the past few weeks have been very busy.

Four weeks ago at the beginning of my 2ww I had the pleasure of watching the two little ones I nanny for 5 full days while their parents were in Jamaica. I loved every minute! That same weekend we got news that my husband’s brother and his family weren’t doing so well. They have had such a rough go of it since he left the Army almost two years ago. Within a couple of days it was decided that they would be driving from Colorado to where we live in Ohio to live with us. So, three weeks ago our home went from two people (my husband and myself) and one dog to seven people and two dogs. Talk about an adjustment! So even though I wish I could have kept up with my blog during these past few weeks, well… our lives have changed dramatically, so I’m sure you all understand.

Now let’s get to the really good stuff…

Right around the time our family arrived, I decided that I wanted to start testing out my trigger. I was about 6dpo/7dpt when I started testing. I knew starting that early that it would still be in my system, so I would be able to track it fading out… and hopefully back in again. The second line was still pretty significant at 7dpt, but it started fading as the days progressed. During this time I was so busy getting everything in the house set for everyone, including 3 wonderful kiddos, that I didn’t obsess over the tests like I have the previous cycles. Even with everything going on around me, I felt a great sense of peace the entire 2ww.

About 9dpo/10dpt the line started to really fade. On one test I took I could barely see a shadow. I know most people have metabolized the trigger around this time, so I was thankful my body was responding normally. By 10dpo I knew the trigger was out of my system. Which brings us to 11dpo/12dpt… when the line came back. It was still super faint, but we were very hopeful given the cramping I had around 6/7dpo. I pulled out my FRER the next day and got a positive, which is when I called it in to my RE. I was shocked when the nurse let me come in for a beta at 12dpo/13dpt given they told me to not even test until 16dpo, but I was so anxious to hear my HCG level and get the reassurance my heart needed that everything was okay. After my first beta I had two more, which is when it started to sink in more-

12dpo: HCG= 64 Progesterone= 47

14dpo: HCG= 131

16dpo: HCG= 339

My doctor said she was very pleased with the progress and my numbers. To top it all off- yesterday was our first ultrasound at 5wks4d! We got to see one beautiful gestational sac and yolk sac measuring right on target. I could not be more thankful for where we are. I pray every morning and every night for continued growth and safety for this little one. I know nothing is guaranteed and I don’t take a second of this experience for granted. It still feels so surreal that we are in this place right now, but I am so grateful.

Our due date is 10/23/2014 – Just one week before my birthday!

God is so good! Don’t ever give up on hope.. miracles happen every day!


4 thoughts on “Our Little Love Bug

  1. Congratulations on your wonderful news!! I am so happy for you and will be praying for steady, healthy growth for you! Wow! Going from 2-7 people would be an adjustment! I hope you are all enjoying your time together!

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