The Results Are In!

The long-awaited appointment to hear our test results was this morning. I’ve been feeling so many different emotions over the past month, there have been many highs and lows. Needless to say I woke up very early this morning feeling both excited and nervous for the impending news. Waiting a month for test results will do that to you!

Our doctor only comes to the office in our city on Mondays, so we decided to make the 2-hr drive up north to see her a few weeks early. After we dropped our pup off at my parent’s house, we were on our way. From there we went went to Tim Horton’s for breakfast, keeping a new tradition of breakfast before our RE appts! The rest of the drive went great and we had some wonderful conversations. I can’t express how much I have adored having more time off with my hubby since he finished school!

With all the nervous excitement surrounding this day, we arrived at the clinic about an hour early. So we signed in and went downstairs to get some drinks and look around. We came back up and shortly after we were called back to Dr. M’s office. My husband had a fun time flipping through all the books she had in there and he definitely helped keep my nerves to a minimum with his jokes (as usual!). I’m so glad I wasn’t waiting in there alone! Our doctor finally came in and after the greetings, she started explaining the results of the blood work, genetic screening, ultrasound, HSG, and SA we have had over the past month and a half. Which are:


  • Confirmed PCOS with ultrasound. First time with borderline testosterone levels.
  • High TSH (3.18). Positive for antibodies. Diagnosed with Hypothyroidism
  • HSG clear & normal. Open tubes. Retroverted uterus.
  • No genetic markers or abnormalities.
  • All other blood work came back within normal range.


  • 111 million/mL
  • 59% motility
  • 12% normal morphology

I knew no matter what we walked into today, we would walk out of there together- trusting that no matter what the results turned out to be, God is bigger than any number! Now, Dr. M did say that hubby’s SA morphology was slightly less than “ideal”, but with his high numbers she isn’t concerned. So it was officially confirmed that the main obstacle we are facing is my body not ovulating normally. Thankfully there are ways to help that! We walked away feeling very blessed today and we don’t take these results for granted one bit. I know there are so many couples that are fighting and praying for such results. So while we are still working against two disorders that disrupt ovulation, we are thankful & hopeful!

After a few questions on our end, Dr. M started discussing the treatment plan she thinks will work best for us-

  1. Call on cd1.
  2. Baseline ultrasound between cd1-cd5, given Rx for clomid & dexamethasone.
  3. Clomid (50mg) for 5 days. Depends on when baseline is performed, ideally cd3-7.
  4. Second ultrasound around cd12 to check follicle growth. Given directions for HCG Trigger shot.
  5. Follow-up ultrasounds as needed. Trigger then TI.

I am also starting Synthroid tomorrow to treat my hypothyroidism & Dr. M is going to check my levels again in 4-6 weeks to see if we need to adjust the dosage. In all honesty, I was a little overwhelmed when I first looked at our plan. I imagined we would just do one round of clomid, without the fancy add-ons. And while it certainly starts to add up, we are walking into this process confident that this is where we are suppose to be. We have covered every decision and step in prayer, and we will continue to do so- one step at a time!

As for now… we wait. We are still very hopeful for this current cycle. We have already witnessed multiple answers to prayer in the past couple weeks and we believe they will keep coming! It does help knowing that if this month isn’t our month, we are doing everything possible next cycle to get things moving. I feel so close… we are so excited!

This past month of testing in pictures:



As always- THANK YOU for all the prayers, support, and encouragement!



6 thoughts on “The Results Are In!

  1. Girl, I think those are all awesome numbers!!! I reject that his morphology is not ideal – God only needs one sperm and wow, you have A LOT MORE THEN THAT!!! Praise Him! Believing with you!

    • Thank you, hun! Yes- I agree! Thankfully we have a very positive and supportive doctor, she said she just wanted to clarify what our paperwork was going to say, but not to focus on the numbers. We couldn’t agree more! Giving Him all the glory!! Thanks for checking in. ❤

  2. I am not sure how I missed reading it the first time…but when we were in the conference room waiting for our first consultation with the RE a couple of years ago, my husband (who is VERY reserved and quiet) turned into a 12 year old little boy and started giggling at the “books” that were laying there. It did help pass the time as we waited for the doctor to come in. hehe!

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