The Results Are In!

The long-awaited appointment to hear our test results was this morning. I’ve been feeling so many different emotions over the past month, there have been many highs and lows. Needless to say I woke up very early this morning feeling both excited and nervous for the impending news. Waiting a month for test results will do that to you!

Our doctor only comes to the office in our city on Mondays, so we decided to make the 2-hr drive up north to see her a few weeks early. After we dropped our pup off at my parent’s house, we were on our way. From there we went went to Tim Horton’s for breakfast, keeping a new tradition of breakfast before our RE appts! The rest of the drive went great and we had some wonderful conversations. I can’t express how much I have adored having more time off with my hubby since he finished school!

With all the nervous excitement surrounding this day, we arrived at the clinic about an hour early. So we signed in and went downstairs to get some drinks and look around. We came back up and shortly after we were called back to Dr. M’s office. My husband had a fun time flipping through all the books she had in there and he definitely helped keep my nerves to a minimum with his jokes (as usual!). I’m so glad I wasn’t waiting in there alone! Our doctor finally came in and after the greetings, she started explaining the results of the blood work, genetic screening, ultrasound, HSG, and SA we have had over the past month and a half. Which are:


  • Confirmed PCOS with ultrasound. First time with borderline testosterone levels.
  • High TSH (3.18). Positive for antibodies. Diagnosed with Hypothyroidism
  • HSG clear & normal. Open tubes. Retroverted uterus.
  • No genetic markers or abnormalities.
  • All other blood work came back within normal range.


  • 111 million/mL
  • 59% motility
  • 12% normal morphology

I knew no matter what we walked into today, we would walk out of there together- trusting that no matter what the results turned out to be, God is bigger than any number! Now, Dr. M did say that hubby’s SA morphology was slightly less than “ideal”, but with his high numbers she isn’t concerned. So it was officially confirmed that the main obstacle we are facing is my body not ovulating normally. Thankfully there are ways to help that! We walked away feeling very blessed today and we don’t take these results for granted one bit. I know there are so many couples that are fighting and praying for such results. So while we are still working against two disorders that disrupt ovulation, we are thankful & hopeful!

After a few questions on our end, Dr. M started discussing the treatment plan she thinks will work best for us-

  1. Call on cd1.
  2. Baseline ultrasound between cd1-cd5, given Rx for clomid & dexamethasone.
  3. Clomid (50mg) for 5 days. Depends on when baseline is performed, ideally cd3-7.
  4. Second ultrasound around cd12 to check follicle growth. Given directions for HCG Trigger shot.
  5. Follow-up ultrasounds as needed. Trigger then TI.

I am also starting Synthroid tomorrow to treat my hypothyroidism & Dr. M is going to check my levels again in 4-6 weeks to see if we need to adjust the dosage. In all honesty, I was a little overwhelmed when I first looked at our plan. I imagined we would just do one round of clomid, without the fancy add-ons. And while it certainly starts to add up, we are walking into this process confident that this is where we are suppose to be. We have covered every decision and step in prayer, and we will continue to do so- one step at a time!

As for now… we wait. We are still very hopeful for this current cycle. We have already witnessed multiple answers to prayer in the past couple weeks and we believe they will keep coming! It does help knowing that if this month isn’t our month, we are doing everything possible next cycle to get things moving. I feel so close… we are so excited!

This past month of testing in pictures:



As always- THANK YOU for all the prayers, support, and encouragement!



HSG Complete!


Good news… I survived the HSG!

In all seriousness though, the anxiety really was the worst part. I’m not a huge fan of regular exams, so when you add in the horror stories I’ve read and heard in the past few weeks.. not pretty. I’m so very thankful, and counting my blessings, that I do not have one of those stories to share.

The day of the procedure I made sure to take pain medicine before heading to the surgery center. I even remembered to not go to the bathroom until I got there since I would have to provide a sample for the required pregnancy test. So besides my very uncomfortably full bladder, I was doing just fine in the waiting area. It wasn’t until I was taken back to “pre-op” that my nerves started kicking in.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I like hospitals and doctors offices. But this was different. I felt… vulnerable. The nurse took my vitals and we had a short chuckle about maybe needing a child’s cuff to take my blood pressure (we didn’t). We were back there for 10-15 minutes getting things settled. There was a lot of hustle and bustle on the other side of the curtain, and I think the combination of it all definitely explains why my heart rate was sitting pretty in the 90’s . Before the nurse left, she placed a warm blanket across my lap and said she was going to tell my husband he could come back. As soon as the curtain closed behind her I had to fight hard not to cry. I knew if I started crying then it would just get worse when my husband came back and I would be a blubbering mess before the doctor even arrived. Can I just say- I thank God for my husband! He could tell I was as nervous as could be, and in his lighthearted nature, he started cracking jokes. I am so grateful he was able to come with me!

I’m pretty sure they were running behind schedule that day, because my doctor didn’t even come in until 25 minutes past my time slot. I gave my hubby a quick kiss and walked over to the procedure room with my doctor and the tech. From the time the door closed to when I was walking back out of that room, I would have to say it was a total of 5-6 minutes. The procedure itself took maybe 2 minutes, with the dye part only lasting seconds. It was uncomfortable, very uncomfortable. Many ladies told me it would feel like menstrual cramps, and it did. I think the most painful thing for me was when she had to turn the catheter around when she found out I have a retroverted uterus. Other than that, I wouldn’t call it a “fun” experience, but I’m glad we had it done.

Oh… and the news I know you’re all wanting-




Yeah, I’m pretty excited about that too. It was amazing to see the dye move on the x-ray screen. It was so quick, but thankfully they printed off images to look at later. Dr. M seemed pleased with the results, which is good! She said she would go over it in detail during our next appointment, so I’m very anxious to hear everything.

Due to scheduling conflicts concerning my hubby’s new schedule we had to make an appointment for the 25th, which is only just over a week away now! Instead of the office a few minutes down the street, we are making the trek two hours away to see our doctor at her main office in Akron. We will be going over all the results- my blood work, hubby’s SA, and the HSG. We will also be talking game plan! My hubby and I have been praying over this appointment for a long time, and no matter the results- we know it’s all in God’s hands and we take great comfort in that. Right now we are praising Him for the good news the HSG has brought & my hubby’s new job that comes with health insurance! Each piece of the puzzle comes right when it is meant to… and it is getting more beautiful by the day.


One Step at a Time


I’ve been wanting to write a blog post for a while and give an update on everything going on. Clearly I need to mark it in my calendar, because in the midst of work, family, and school I just haven’t found the time to sit down and write a full post. However, I am here now & excited to finally give an update!

We are now one procedure away from completing all the testing our RE ordered on September 16th. Tomorrow I will be going in for my HSG, otherwise known as a hysterosalpingogram. My doctor will be injecting dye through my cervix and then she will use an x-ray to look at my uterus and fallopian tubes. I’ve heard mixed reviews on the procedure as far as what to expect, but we are hoping and praying for the best. I’m not terribly worried about it, but thankfully my husband has the day off as well, so we will come home and lounge afterwards. Needless to say, we are both anxious to get this last bit of testing done with so we can hear all the results.

Now, let me rewind to 9/16- our first consult with our RE. I was so excited the night before that I barely slept. The anticipation for that appointment had been building for months. I was ready. For the past year I have been going to my regular OBGYN’s for exams and blood work, but this office was so different. The minute I walked in I was just amazed. I had become accustomed to walking down a hall that had a sign reading “Expectant Mothers This Way” and pointed to my doctor’s waiting area. I thought for sure that sign would apply to me in a few months, but it never did, and after a while it started to sting every time I would pass it. The RE’s waiting area, however, looked more like a spa. They had beautiful chairs and jewel tone walls. I wasn’t bombarded by pictures of babies and magazines about staying healthy during pregnancy. It was peaceful and inviting, definitely not as “clinical” as all of the other doctors offices I have been in and for that I am very thankful.

They called us back shortly after we sat down. Instead of going into an exam room though, we were taken to her office. I thought for sure they would ask me to weigh in and take all my vitals, but the only thing the nurse did was take my blood pressure when we sat down and she even apologized for needing to take it. I could tell she was being sensitive to the fact that we were there in the first place, more than I can say for the other nurses I’ve come across in the past two years. A few minutes later our doctor came in (Dr. M). She’s one of the sweetest ladies I’ve met, like the kind of person you would want to go out to a movie with, or just call and talk about your day. She even sort of offered me a job (jokingly…I think). Whatever the case, we both fell in love with her and her ability to be both sensitive and completely honest with us. We went over our history, the 10+ pages I filled out previously, what tests she wanted to run, and briefly what treatment plan she thinks would be the best fit for us. Then a little bit later we went in to an equally welcoming room (surprisingly, it was the exam room) where she performed an ultrasound and explained the other tests we would be doing in the coming weeks. After the ultrasound I went down the hall to get blood work done and we were handed all the information needed to make the follow up appointments.

As I’m writing this, it sounds like everything went really quick, but I can honestly say we never once felt rushed. We left the appointment feeling really good and we truly believe we are right where God wants us to be. I was prescribed Provera for 10 days following the appointment to jump-start a new cycle so we could complete the other testing Dr. M ordered. On September 30th I called in to report cd1 and schedule the SA (semen analysis), HSG, and follow-up consult. After a whole day of phone-tag, the SA was completed last week, my HSG is scheduled for tomorrow, and after many changes due to my husband’s new job our follow-up consult is set for 10/25.

I have definitely experienced some lows and highs in the past month. I have questioned if we are doing the right thing, if we can afford all of the tests, if we are “rushing” the process… But all in all, I have experienced great peace. A peace that is greater than any I have felt. I know it is nothing short of God’s love and work in my life, my faith. When I got the call that some of my blood work came back abnormal a couple weeks ago, worry started to settle in. Within minutes I started crying out and praying to the Lord. I prayed the whole way to the lab and as I was walking in, I felt calm. When I called last week to make our follow up appointment and they told me it would be at least another three weeks to get in and discuss our results, worry started to settle in again. I am happy to say that it left just as soon as it showed up! I am confident that no matter the results of all our tests- we will be okay. We will be more than okay! God already knows the results, He already knows how and when our family will expand. It’s not my job to know it all, but to trust in Him, and I’m so very thankful to have such a loving Father!

So here we are, taking it one step at a time!