And so the blogging begins…


This picture was from M & I’s wedding day, almost 2 years ago! Little did I know the adventures we would be on and the paths those same feet would be walking down. I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately and have been very encouraged by them, so I thought maybe I could encourage someone else going through a similar journey. And so the blogging begins…

My story in a nutshell-

  • I met my amazing husband at church in Colorado. He was the drummer for the worship team… man did I have a hard time focusing!
  • After lots of prayer and patience, we started dating on September 23, 2009. He actually asked my dad if he could take me out (this is where everyone says awwww). đŸ˜‰
  • M popped the question on June 23, 2010 & I said YES! With lots of tears and smiles and kisses.
  • We moved to Ohio in fall of 2010. Hubs left his family and hometown in the mountains of Colorado to follow me out to flat, humid, gray Ohio= true love.
  • Married July 23, 2011. Yes, yes… there is a theme with the 23rd! In fact we even got our marriage certificate on the 23rd floor downtown, crazy- I know.
  • Gave up BC pill in December 2011, but had crazy cycles. I mean 22-115 days crazy.
  • Went to OBGYN Sept. 2012- diagnosed with PCOS. Only factors- anovulatory cycles and polycystic ovaries. Hormones all normal & ideal weight (maybe a little under even).
  • Switched to organic vegetarianism October 2012
  • Started more actively TTC Nov. 2012
  • OBGYN appt. Feb. 2013 all blood tests came back normal. Tried metformin for 40 days, but got a call saying I wasn’t IR. Stopped Met., back to natural supplements.
  • Now we wait…

I figure that’s a pretty good snapshot of what’s going on right now. Even if no one reads this, I can at least have an outlet to talk about what I’m going through and how I feel without constantly talking my poor husband’s ear off. For that I am very grateful! Each day contains its own struggles, but I am in constant pursuit of finding things to keep me busy. I already love the babies I don’t have yet so deeply sometimes it hurts not knowing if I’ll get to meet them. I know God has a plan for my life though and I trust that M & I will be parents one day. For now, I continue on my journey.


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